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Support groups and one on one interaction that addresses sudden violent death, injury, grieving, recovery and the judicial system. STOP DUI advocates act as liaisons between the victim and the law enforcement community. Needy, innocent victims receive financial assistance, ie; funeral, airfare, rent, utilities, food, medical equipment and other necessities.

Financial assistance
is reviewed on a case by case need basis. Three officers and the executive director determine the amount and duration of the financial assistance. Victims are also provided transportation and accompaniment to doctors, attorneys, social service, social security, shopping and court.

STOP DUI Victim Impact Panels are presented at the Clark County Flamingo Library and the Henderson Convention Center: schedules are listed on our web site here. STOP DUI Victim Impact Panels are comprised of innocent DUI victims only, who share their personal experiences of how their loved one was killed and or injured, or how they themselves were injured, and how this crime impacted their lives. Graphic descriptions of these events are conveyed by the speakers.

The purpose of the Victim Impact Panel is to provide an opportunity for the offender to see and hear the reality of DUI with the hope of changing behavior and reducing recidivism. The STOP DUI Victim Impact Panels have a 92% success rate in deterring recidivism and also provide a therapeutic experience for the participating victim speakers.

Due to it's unique presentation, the STOP DUI Victim Impact Panel has received accolades and recognition from the local, state and national levels including the White House. The program is coordinated and conducted by the STOP DUI Executive Director.

The STOP DUI Speakers Bureau consists of innocent DUI victims, and law enforcement. Presentations are provided to schools, law enforcement training, churches, civic organizations, hotels, nightclubs, prisons and others. STOP DUI supports and participates with sobriety check points, donates DUI equipment and provides financial support for DUI educational opportunities to law enforcement.

STOP DUI participates and sponsors numerous community DUI safety awareness programs throughout the year. Heightened awareness events are presented on 5 major holidays. Anti DUI messages are provided through PSA's, billboards, bumper stickers, electronic reader boards, and news stories.

STOP DUI pursues all legislation and ordinances that will benefit victims of crime in general and DUI victims in particular. Legislation or ordinances that create or toughen DUI laws is aggressively sought.

STOP DUI observes Nevada, State Road 157 in Las Vegas as the first highway in the United States recognized as a "Designated Drivers” thoroughfare since 1987, and commemorates the annual observation with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

To create public awareness and to encourage the designated driver practice, Sandy Heverly, Executive Director of STOP DUI in Las Vegas presented the “Red Ribbon” concept to the State, culminating in the first Red Ribbon Road campaign.  On the outskirts of the then small city of Las Vegas, Nevada, State Road 157 leading up to Mount Charleston saw an average 17 alcohol-related fatalities each year.  Most fatalities occurred during the holiday season and were often violent due to excessive speed and drunk driving along the 22 mile stretch of the two-lane rural highway with numerous twists and tall desert rock along the roadsides.  Today, State Road 157 is observed as the first “ Red Ribbon Highway” in the United States. Law enforcement, transportation, government officials, and fire and rescue crews participate in the annual observation.

Memorial Trees
Sunset Park
Las Vegas, NV
"This grove of trees is dedicated to the innocent victims of alcohol and other drug related crashes. Never to be forgotten."
The 2003 dedication was December 13, 2003 at 11 am at Sunset Park.



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