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In October of 1982, a grassroots movement was underway in Southern Nevada to address the issue of driving under the influence. A group of DUI Victims and concerned citizens gathered together and made a commitment to do all they could to eliminate the senseless death and injury caused by drunk and drugged drivers.

The group aligned itself with the national organization of Mothers Against Drunk Driving and became a chartered chapter of MADD in May of 1983. Its goals were clear and concise: assist Innocent DUI Victims, support Law Enforcement, create awareness and education programs, and pursue DUI and crime victim rights legislative reform.

In a short period of time, the Clark County Chapter earned a reputation for being one of the most viable and successful in the nation.

Its creative and innovative awareness campaigns, unique Victim Impact Panels, aggressive pursuit of DUI and Victim rights legislation, and relentless determination to stop DUI became well known and respected at the local, state, and national levels.

For more than ten years, the Clark County Chapter functioned under numerous policy changes as required by the national organization of MADD. A number of these policies were found to be repugnant and counterproductive to our mission. Directives included: NO financial assistance to needy Innocent Victims (MADD does not provide one penny of financial assistance to DUI Victims), NO financial assistance to Law Enforcement, cease working with the alcohol industry, and all funds generated by the Chapter were to be sent to the National Office. Lastly, a new policy required volunteer officers to sign a power of attorney to the national organization. Failure to comply by December 31, 1993 would result in revocation of the chapter's charter. Due to our vehement disagreement with all of the above, the Clark County Chapter severed its affiliation at 1:20 AM on December 31, 1993.

The "1:20 AM" was significant, as it reflected the amount of a check for $1.20 sent to the Clark County Chapter as its share of $140,000.00, that was generated in Nevada via a telemarketing campaign conducted by the National Organization and Reese Brothers Telemarketing Company. This check was returned.

Returned Check

After several heated discussions regarding this and other matters of concern, another check was sent to the Nevada Chapter in the amount of $19,000.00. The intent of this check was to buy our silence so an additional telemarketing campaign could proceed that would rape our state again! This check was also returned with a message expressing our position: "VOID, NOT FOR SALE!"

Stop DUI, Inc. was founded on December 31, 1993 in Las Vegas, Nevada by Sandy Heverly, Gordon Martines, Gary Urbantke, Joan Eddowes, Deborah Lingner, and Debbie Davis. It operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The purpose and mission of Stop DUI is to assist the Innocent Victims of this violent crime, support Law Enforcement, educate the public to the dangers of impaired driving through education and awareness programs (including underage drinking), and pursue DUI and Crime Victim rights legislative reform.

Stop DUI, Inc. is the only anti-drunk driving organization in the country that provides immediate and direct financial assistance to the needy, Innocent Victims of drunk or drugged drivers. The organization is 100% self sufficient with the majority of its funding derived from fees paid by misdemeanor DUI offenders who are required by state statute to attend a Victim Impact Panel. The organization strongly believes those responsible for creating DUI problems should bear the financial responsibility to assist with providing services to the community in general, and DUI Victims in particular. This burden should not fall wholly upon the shoulders of law abiding citizens via grants and other federally funded resources.

Stop DUI, Inc. accepts donations, but DOES NOT solicit contributions for the organization in any manner. In events of catastrophic tragedies, STOP DUI Inc. will set up a special account for donations. 100% of all funds deposited in these accounts go to innocent victims only. The money is only used for the immediate assistance of innocent victims of DUI.

Since its inception, Stop DUI has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to DUI Victims, assisting with funeral expenses, mortgage, rent, food, utilities, auto and home repair, medical equipment, prescriptions, clothing, and travel expenses (e.g.: airfare, hotel, rental cars, taxis, etc.). Stop DUI also contributes substantial funds to Law Enforcement for training, equipment, sobriety check points, special events, community awareness programs, and more.

Stop DUI has distinguished itself as a unique and innovative organization providing unprecedented services to its community, state, and nation in general, and to DUI Victims in particular. The organization has received numerous awards and accolades from the State House to the White House.

Stop DUI is deeply grateful to the Media, Law Enforcement, the Judiciary, the Nevada Legislature, and the general public for supporting our efforts and helping us save lives!


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